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International Students Thrive at Bennington

International students make up roughly 17 percent of our student body and they come from all over the world: Pakistan, Brazil, England, Japan, Ukraine, Jamaica, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iran and elsewhere – about 45 countries in all. Each Bennington student brings different perspectives and perceptions to our community, creating a rich environment in which to learn, share experiences, and develop a broad understanding of the world. Our distinctive approach to education fosters intellectual curiosity and independence coupled with practical, hands-on work experience, and is highlighted by engaging relationships with professors who are practitioners.

The Plan Process

In Bennington’s open approach to education, there are no required courses and no set majors. Each student develops an individual course of study, together with a faculty advisor, allowing exploration of a variety of intellectual disciplines and resulting in a unique project or thesis known as Advanced Work. This is called The Plan Process. 

Field Work Term

Every year, every Bennington student spends 7 weeks in an authentic off-campus work experience somewhere in the world. After graduation, each student not only has a Bachelor’s Degree but also 4 substantial internships, 4 sets of references, and the skills to build a rewarding career.

International Student Services

​ISS works with admitted students in the transition to Bennington. We provide support regarding immigration and visa matters, work permission, cultural adjustment, and academic and personal concerns.


Students apply to Bennington using either the Common Application or Bennington’s own Dimensional Application; choose the process that works best for you. Additional information for international applicants can be found here.  


Our admissions team includes counselors who work with students from various parts of the world as well as current international student interns who are ready to answer your questions about what it’s like to be international at Bennington. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


photo of Anna Dechert
Anna Dechert
Associate Director for International Recruitment

Africa, Canada (minus British Columbia), Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, South Asia (minus Pakistan)

photo of Francesca Edwards '18
Francesca Edwards '18
Admissions Counselor
Cricket Hill

Pakistan, United Kingdom, and Western Europe

photo of Wesley Haaf '18
Wesley Haaf '18
Admissions Counselor
Cricket Hill

British Columbia (in Canada)

Photo of Benjamin Lee '18
Benjamin Lee '18
Admissions Counselor

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam



photo of Ayesha Bashir '22
Ayesha Bashir '22

Nationality: Pakistani
High School: Armand Hammer UWC, United States
Areas of Study: Film, Art History, Anthropology

photo of Flo Gill '22
Flo Gill '22

Nationality: British
High School: Capsmount Academy, United Kingdom
Areas of Study: Theater, Politics

photo of Humza Zaidi '22
Humza Zaidi '22

Nationality: Pakistani
High School: Lyceum School, Pakistan
Areas of Study: Chemistry, Music

photo of Nemo Belvalkar '21
Nemo Belvalkar '21

Nationality: Indian
High School: Rishi Valley School, India
Areas of Study: Visual Arts

photo of Sitashma Parajuli '21
Sitashma Parajuli '21

Nationality: Nepalese
High School: Armand Hammer UWC, United States
Areas of Study: Anthropology, Psychology, Economics